Three Part Saga Vol IV

by BigSmokin'Joe

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Hope everything is alright! Hope everything is A-okay! Hope everything is alright Still hoping that you stay away... Can’t handle what you got for me Trouble dribbling, ain’t handling it properly Double dribbling that man has got no honesty Two at a time, sir, honestly... Courting ain’t sporting, Ain’t scoring when ya scoring, Why are you applauding... Try two abortions... Cry as you remorse em, You wanna be a daddy, she ain’t down, can’t force it... Imagine that.... rather end it than be raised by me So you might see the tears of a clown rain down from a dark cloud that stays by me... Would you pick me for a Dad Just one night only and leave it as that Maybe it isn’t that bad Been nice catching up for a chat... Hope everything is alright! Hope everything is A-okay! Hope everything is alright Still hoping that you stay away... You do you, I’ll do me How I met your mother on my tv... Dispatches from Elsewhere can I be free? Forgetting Sarah Marshall isn’t that easy... I remember every Russel Brand, muscle bound Muscle man trying to muscle in on all my hustle plans... How can anybody trust a man, If each and every one of them is out there trying to fuck a man Now I lean to the nonchalance Happy Day scene with the Fonz I’m gone A purveyor of Songs gone wrong Big Lebowski feeling strong... Mind if I do a jay? No prizes for guessing what I’m doing today Been nice to see a face That reminds me everything is a okay Hope everything is alright! Hope everything is A-okay! Hope everything is alright Still hoping that you stay away
Rubber Match 03:32
Aight, BigSmokin'Joe! You better go hard son! I don’t think you’ll like it... Everyone knows harder is better Son! No I mean I don’t think YOU personally will like this... *Touch gloves... ROUND 1 So I’m a let ya girl know the truth, When u run outta lines, Sniff, excuse me... She come round to mine... For that real dope, canibus without the notepad "You wanna hear these rhymes or what?" No thanks... Im a disaster in the avatar mode You’re a sacrificial lamb, on the abattoirs throne! Get the fuck off and take your baaas with you Before this big bulldog spars this part shitzu Being hard is a hard issue, The grown ass man in me says, i can’t diss u, If you refuse to move, I can’t miss u, Get your chin outta the firing line quick dude. I am fat, everybody’s Pet bum! Still living at home with the best mum Tread carefully with every step son, Or go from getting fathered to being the stepson. “You can’t say that, people will think it’s about them!” It is about you! “Wait! Is that my mums number?” You wanna get nuts, let’s get nuts! golden years shit, ain’t mum joke time, Like, I’ll be there for her... and you! I’m gonna teach you how to be a man.... Sit down... From the opposite corner Listen kid, you wanna get personal, cool! Pocket money every week and even pick you up from school... another round? I’m carrying this bum... make him look me in the eye while I’m marrying his mum.. Judges on the fencing parrying his lunge En Guard, one bar then I’m grabbing me some lunch Young man, looking like you haven’t eaten much Wash ya hands sit down and get outta here at once! Come back with a job and a car, Got a, job and a car, put a stop to the bars Big daddy homer, I’m throttling Bart! Put the kids to sleep, share a bottle wit Marge Defibrillator Shock you with a couple volts above the rest I’ll have you doing somersaults in Somerset I’ll be doing summer sets wit other vets, You’ll be off your fkn head and obviously a fkn mess... Assaulting these salty snacks, I’m that smooth criminal with sultry raps Take a, deep breath, give the culture back Stop shouting and just relax... All so aggressive and badly dressed, Do I still rock baggy clothes? Sadly, yes... U wear skinny Jeanes? U ain’t passed the test You release one song and you past your best Who strikes hardest? I don’t give a fuck jabbing n grabbin on all these young little pups You ain’t built for twelve rounds, Coming up fifteen, Ain’t nothing but actors in this scene Who the duck asked em to spit mean Multiple personality, get em all Split screen You and your alter egos, all a pack o’bums I’m the Gypsy King back from the dead, you had your fun! Run a quarter mile in soft sand You upstairs giving ya downstairs a soft hand Beneath the beef, I’m a soft man... Just releasing a beast who’s been locked down So relax pussies, as you were... I could be a popular star! Deep down, you know, this is not who you are I could be a popular star... With high heels, lipstick and sock in ya bra... I could be popular star Deep down, you know this is not who you are I could a popular star If tiktok kikdoff,


released August 19, 2020


all rights reserved



BigSmokin'Joe Burnham On Sea, UK

Boom Bap Purist and Top Bloke...

Like the other rappers, just way better...


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